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🌟 Farewell, 2023! 🌟🌴🌊 Welcoming 2024! 🌅✨

🌟 Farewell, 2023! 🌟

As the sun sets on another incredible year, we at the Lighthouse Hotel and Spa on Little Corn Island extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our guests and supporters. Your presence has illuminated our world, and we're immensely grateful for the memories shared, the laughter echoing through our wooden cabañas, and the tranquility that lingers in every moment spent on this beautiful island.

🌴🌊 Welcoming 2024! 🌅✨

May the fresh year ahead bring you boundless joy, abundant peace, and countless reasons to celebrate life's simple pleasures. Here, amidst the turquoise waters and swaying palms, we invite you to let your hearts guide you to Little Corn Island—a serene haven that awaits to embrace you in its warmth and serenity, inviting you to unwind and rejuvenate your spirits at any time of the year.

Indulge in our little paradise at the Lighthouse Hotel and Spa! Discover serenity at Nirvana Spa and treat yourself to our favorite spa experience, "Take Me to Paradise." Immerse yourself in pure relaxation with this rejuvenating treatment designed to transport you to a world of bliss. Let our expert therapists pamper you in our private spa, leaving you refreshed and revitalized.

From all of us at the Lighthouse Hotel and Spa, we invite you to experience the magic of our island retreat. Happy New Year!


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