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Unlocking the Power of the New Moon: Rituals at The Lighthouse Hotel on Little Corn Island.

As the new moon graces the skies above Little Corn Island, The Lighthouse Hotel and Spa invites you to embark on a journey of renewal and growth.

Here are five of our favourite ways to plant new seeds of intention during this celestial event:

Allow the natural beauty of Little Corn Island to inspire and rejuvenate you.
Setting Intentions under the New Moon

Set Intentions: The new moon symbolizes new beginnings and fresh starts. Take this opportunity to reflect on your goals and aspirations. Write down your intentions for the upcoming lunar cycle, focusing on what you want to manifest in your life.

Connect with Nature: Our tranquil surroundings provide the perfect backdrop for connecting with nature. Spend time outdoors, whether it's a peaceful walk along the beach, a yoga session in our lush gardens, or simply meditating under the starlit sky. Allow the natural beauty of Little Corn Island to inspire and rejuvenate you.

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Nourish Your Body: Indulge in nourishing meals crafted from fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Our culinary team at The Lighthouse Hotel and Spa is dedicated to creating wholesome and delicious dishes that fuel your body and soul. Treat yourself to a spa treatment or wellness therapy to enhance your sense of well-being.

Practice Gratitude: Take a moment to express gratitude for the blessings in your life. Gratitude cultivates a positive mindset and attracts abundance. Whether it's a gratitude journaling session or simply acknowledging the beauty around you, practicing gratitude during the new moon fosters a sense of contentment and fulfillment.

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Visualize Your Dreams: Use the energy of the new moon to visualize your dreams and aspirations. Close your eyes and envision yourself achieving your goals with clarity and confidence. Visualizations are powerful tools for manifestation, helping you align your thoughts and actions with your desired outcomes.

At The Lighthouse Hotel and Spa, we embrace the magic of the new moon as a time for reflection, intention setting, and personal growth. Join us in harnessing the energy of this celestial event to plant new seeds of possibility and create a life filled with abundance and joy.

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