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Ready to Escape to Little Corn Island?

Discover The Lighthouse Hotel & Spa on Little Corn Island.
Discover The Lighthouse Hotel & Spa on Little Corn Island.
Escape to paradise this April and discover the serene beauty of Little Corn Island! If you're feeling stressed and overwhelmed, our hidden gem, the Lighthouse Hotel and Spa, is calling your name. Picture yourself surrounded by nature's gifts and heavenly charm, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.
Discover Bliss at The Lighthouse Hotel & Spa, Little Corn Island
Discover Bliss on Little Corn Island.
Step into lush coconut jungles adorned with mango trees and ripe bananas, perfect for a relaxing barefoot stroll. With no cars and only accessible by boat, our island offers a simple and peaceful escape. Whether you're a couple seeking romance or a solo traveler in need of quiet time, Little Corn Island is your tranquil retreat.
Dive into thrilling scuba adventures and meet dolphins, whale sharks, and gentle sea turtles in their natural habitat. Let the ocean's mysteries fill you with wonder and joy. Take a break to relax, make new friends, and immerse yourself in the island's rich culture.

From April to October, bask in warm weather and inviting ocean waters, perfect for unwinding and exploring. Join beachside yoga sessions, indulge in soothing spa treatments, and savor delicious meals made with fresh island ingredients. Our seafood delights, like the famous Seafood Ron Don, will tantalize your taste buds as you dine with a view of turquoise waters and swaying palms.

Daydreaming of Island Serenity? Little Corn island Hotel
Daydreaming of Island Serenity?
Whether you seek beach relaxation or wellness experiences, the Lighthouse Hotel and Spa on Little Corn island promises a memorable retreat.
Let Little Corn Island charm captivate you as you enjoy nature's beauty, warm breezes, and the tranquility of island life.
Join us this April for a journey filled with peace, wonder, and the joy of discovering Little Corn Island treasures at the Lighthouse Hotel and Spa.


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