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The Decision to Move: From the Concrete Jungle to a Caribbean Paradise, Little Corn Island

Updated: Dec 9, 2023

little corn island

The dream of living in a tropical paradise is a common aspiration, a vision of palm trees, gentle breezes, and the promise of tranquility. For us, this dream became a beacon, beckoning us away from the frenzied rhythm of urban life in Toronto, Canada.

We longed for a quieter, simpler existence closer to nature, and that led us to consider the untouched beauty of Little Corn Island in the Caribbean side of Nicaragua.

3 Factors Influencing the Move:

1. Lifestyle Differences:

The contrast between the bustling metropolis of Toronto and the tranquil charm of Little Corn Island is stark. The desire to shift from the relentless city rhythm to an unhurried island pace was a significant driving force.

2. Career Opportunities and Changes:

Intrigued by the prospect of pursuing a different career path and embracing opportunities aligned with our passions, we saw the move as a chance to reinvent our professional lives in an environment conducive to creativity and growth.

3. Climate, Environment, and Outdoor Lifestyle:

The yearning for perpetual sunshine, gentle sea breezes, and an outdoor-centric lifestyle played a vital role in our decision. Little Corn Island's tropical climate and abundant natural beauty were irresistible magnets.

little corn island

3 Important Planning and Preparations Tips:

1. Researching the Island:

Our journey began with exhaustive research into Little Corn Island — its culture, local customs, available amenities, and overall way of life. We sought to understand what the island had to offer and what we needed to adapt to.

2. Logistics of Moving:

Navigating the intricacies of moving to a remote island required meticulous planning. From securing the right flights to arranging shipping and finding suitable accommodation, every detail needed to be thoughtfully considered and organized.

3. Financial Considerations:

Moving abroad is a financial commitment that involves budgeting, understanding the cost of living, and planning for the unexpected. We meticulously calculated the financial aspects to ensure a smooth transition.

little corn island

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