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Celebrating Thanksgiving, Caribbean Style: Warm Wishes from The Lighthouse Hotel on Little Corn.

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

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As the vibrant hues of autumn paint a picturesque scene in Canada, we find ourselves surrounded by the turquoise splendor of the Caribbean Sea here on Little Corn Island. While our island may be miles away, our hearts are always close to our dear family and friends celebrating Thanksgiving in the Great White North.

A Different Kind of Harvest: In this tropical paradise, our "harvest" takes the form of sun-kissed beaches, gentle sea breezes, and the bountiful beauty of nature that surrounds us. As we express gratitude for the natural wonders of this island, we also hold dear the cherished memories of our loved ones.

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Unity Across the Miles:

Despite the physical distance, we celebrate the unity that transcends borders and oceans. Our bond, strengthened by love and shared experiences, reminds us that no distance can truly separate us. Our hearts beat to the rhythm of togetherness, no matter the miles that lie between us.

Giving Thanks for Each Other:

This Thanksgiving, we are thankful for the extraordinary moments we've shared, the laughter that echoes in our memories, and the support that lifts us up in both joyful and challenging times. We treasure the love that binds us as a family, no matter where we are in the world.

little corn island thanksgiving

An Island of Gratitude:

Little Corn Island has taught us the art of gratitude. We're grateful for the vibrant sunsets that paint the sky, the sound of gentle waves lulling us to sleep, and the smiles of the island community that warm our hearts. Every day on this island, we find reasons to be thankful.

little corn island thanksgiving weekend

Sending Waves of Love:

We send waves of love and warm wishes across the ocean to our beloved family and friends in Canada. May your Thanksgiving be filled with love, laughter, and an abundance of blessings. Even though we're miles apart, our hearts are close, and we celebrate this day together in spirit.

thanksgiving on little corn island

From The Lighthouse Hotel on Little Corn Island, we extend our warmest wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving to all our cherished family and friends in Canada. May your day be as vibrant and beautiful as the island we call home.

With love from paradise, The Lighthouse Hotel Family.

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